Murder on the Mountain Fork: Based on the True story of Samuel Walker Coltrane

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Deep in the woods of Southeast Oklahoma was the small community of Hochatown. This region was home to Native American people and white settlers at the end of the eighteen hundreds and was known as the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory. The beauty of this area is unmatched with it's pine and hardwoods forests, rivers, streams and mountains. But underlying it's beauty was the fact that this part of the territory had also become home to many outlaws, who came her to avoid justice for crimes. committed in Arkansas, Texas or Louisiana. There was little in the way of law enforcement and it was a time when many people "got away" with murder. This is the story of one man, Samuel Walker Coltrane, who came to this land to become a settler and farmer and live out his dreams, but instead became embroiled in an unbelievable set of circumstances that would change the course of his life. In the early days, rivers were the lifeblood of most towns. The Mountain Fork River provided life to the people of Southeast Oklahoma, but death was also ever present and murder was not uncommon, along the banks of this most majestic river.