The Haunted History of Beavers Bend: Tragic tales of Old Hochatown

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by Michael Robert Willeby (Author)

Nestled in the mountains of Southeast Oklahoma is the small community of Hochatown. It has a rich and colorful history. It began as the final destination for many Choctaw Native Americans after their long journey along the trail of tears. Hochatown was named after a Choctaw family that settled in the area with the last name of Hocha. The town grew and thrived over the years right after Oklahoma statehood in 1907, and was also given the title of "Moonshine" capitol of Oklahoma. The information contained here will give readers a glimpse into the "not so well known" history of the area. These are the tragic tales of the men and women who chose to make this place their home, long before the creation of a state park. Beavers Bend, a popular park located near the site of old hochatown, was purchased by area businessmen and constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's. These stories tell about the tragedies, injustices and loss of life in a very remote part of Oklahoma. After reading them, you may have a greater understanding of what might cause unusual things to be seen or heard in the woods here late at night.