McCurtain County

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By Kenneth and Kayla Sivard

McCurtain County has been home to several of the most interesting and diverse people and historical events that Oklahoma has ever known. The Choctaw Indians migrated to what is now McCurtain County in 1831. All of McCurtain County was located in the Appukshunubbee District, which held court near present-day Ringold. With Oklahoma's statehood in 1907, county officials began to work on a county courthouse in Idabel. In the years following statehood, the lumber and timber industry thrived in the county. Towns began to sprout up and expand near the county's several sawmills. Agriculture has also contributed to the success of McCurtain County with many pastures, ranches, tree farms, and pecan orchards. The county's economy still depends heavily on agriculture today, but recently, the tourism industry has also flourished within the county. The Beavers Bend State Park, established in the 1930s, along with the Broken Bow and Pine Creek Lakes and the Mountain Fork River, brings countless tourists to the area. The rich history and pristine beauty of McCurtain County has always been a source of pride to all who have ever called it home


About the authors

Kenneth and Kayla Sivard are a husband and wife team working to showcase the history of McCurtain County. Kenneth is the current president of the McCurtain County Historical Society and the vice president of the Broken Bow Main Street Program. Kayla works for the Broken Bow Lake Cabin Company in Idabel.